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Radha Soami Satsang Beas – Experience

What is Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB)?

What did I understand when I first go there.

Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) is a nonprofit organization established in India in 1891. Today, RSSB has branches in more than 90 countries. Respecting all religions Baba Ji explains different bani (verse) of various masters like Jesus Christ, Adi Granth or Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


The word Radha Soami Satsang Beas -> Radha means soul, Soami means Lord & Beas is a small town in Punjab.

It all started with baba Jaimal Singh, when he settled in Beas. Presently the spiritual master of Radha Soami Satsang Beas is Baba Gurinder Singh Ji, who was officially appointed by Charan Singh Ji.

Baba Gurinder Singh Ji

Baba Gurinder Singh Ji

The whole thing revolves around the master, who could explain the Guru Granth Sahib’s reference to the Panch Shabd.

During meditation, if we concentrate on the third eye (centre) and practice the word/shabd/naam and listen to our inner sound, we can reach our inner real home to find god from which our soul was separated billions of years ago. And we call that place Sachkhand.



How things go without any funds & employees?

Volunteers in Radha Soami Satsang Beas (Sevadars)

Total administration is handled by volunteers. This organization does not involve in any fundraising activities. Radha Soami Satsang Beas encourages voluntary service to the community and environmental awareness.

Roads in Dera

Roads in Dera

About Beas, Punjab

With over 6000 local residents, this place is most well-planned in India, with zero air pollution as no private vehicles are allowed inside.

Beas Dera - No Vehicles

Beas Dera – No Vehicles

Free Kitchen: (48 acers)

The Beas Dera, (Satsang Ghar) has a free kitchen, langar (as well as canteens, Bhojan Bhandar and snack bars at a nominal price).

Radha Soami Satsang Beas Accomodation/Stay:

Free temporary accommodation is available for all visitors. There are number of guest houses, individual rooms, hostels, sheds & other large buildings.

Top view of rooms in Beas Dera

Top view of rooms in Beas Dera


My Experience:

You will have a good time there though there are some restrictions. You have to follow certain rules.

You cannot take any electronic item inside the dera. No Phone, Laptops or iPod inside.

You cannot stay inside rooms/sheds when Baba ji is explaining bani. It’s from 9AM to 9:45 or 10.30 AM. In the evening there is one question answer round where Babaji answer to questions asked by kids.

If you want to know more about this place or have some questions about room booking etc feel free to contact me @techshivangi@gmail.com.

Many of you have been asking for schedule of 2014 for Babaji’s Satsang. Soon I will try to update the blog with upcoming events.

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45 thoughts on “Radha Soami Satsang Beas – Experience

  1. sapient

    What a shameful way of promoting your false faith in the name of a travel blog:)

    The entire information is wrong. First of all, RSSB is not a NGO.In every satsang, its been announced by Babaji that this is a religious organization not charitable. RSSB is not involved in any charitable work except some work satsangis did during a earthquake in Gujarat. RSSB is only exploiting the laws/tax exemption provided for NGO.

    you wrote: “This organization does not involve in any fundraising activities” Plain simple wrong. This org put money boxes everywhere ( for so called money seva!!) and promote / brainwash people to donate money. If that doesn’t work, this org first ask people to surrender their intellect ( in the name of devotion) then ask for minimum 10% of their earnings.

    1. Shivangi Post author

      What a shameful way of promoting your false faith in the name of a travel blog:)

      What is shameful? Have you ever visited the place? The best travel place I will rate it. Not with any belief but with my travel experience all around India. A beautiful place to travel and spend your time.

      The entire information is wrong. First of all, RSSB is not a NGO.In every satsang, its been announced by Babaji that this is a religious organization not charitable. RSSB is not involved in any charitable work except some work satsangis did during a earthquake in Gujarat. RSSB is only exploiting the laws/tax exemption provided for NGO.

      If something is wrong you are welcome to correct it. Mail me the details with references and I’ll be more than happy to ammend my post. FYR RSSB is a non profit organiztion. for more info visit RSSB official website

      Yes it is philosophical organization or what you say religious organization but its registered as non profit.

      About charitable trust:
      I’d like to correct you here.
      The Beas Hospital, Sikanderpur Hospital, and Bhota Hospital provide free medical care for the surrounding rural community and aid the needy. Society also ran an annual eye surgery clinic at the Dera.
      Reference : Wiki

      you wrote: “This organization does not involve in any fundraising activities” Plain simple wrong. This org put money boxes everywhere ( for so called money seva!!) and promote / brainwash people to donate money. If that doesn’t work, this org first ask people to surrender their intellect ( in the name of devotion) then ask for minimum 10% of their earnings.

      No one asked or forced you to make a donation. Its totally up to you. Babaji never told you to donate here in Beas or their organization. They only ask you to help any needy, you can always go ahead and help any of your family member who is in need of money or anything.

      Also, visit this place and feel the vibe. I bet, you wont spend even a single penny if you dont want to. No one asks for money there.

      I have been visiting this place since 1999. I didnt see anything what you said above in your comment.
      Shivangi recently posted…Radha Soami Satsang Beas – ExperienceMy Profile

      1. Monu

        hi Shivangi,

        I would totally agree with you on all the points you have mentioned and they are all correct.

        I totally believe in Santmat and I am a believer of RSSB.

        However, one thing I think which is not appropriate is posting this content itself on this blog or any blog.
        See, you also believe that this organization is a non profit one and in addition to that it’s a philosophical organization.
        Now, have you yourself ever seen any kind of advertisement RSSB is doing for their discourses ?
        There have never ever been any kind of advertisement either on web or on hoardings or so… and the reason behind this is that in Santmat the Master never imposes anything on anyone. In addition, a Master never attract the crowd that they will advertise their discourses. It’s going to be their selected sheep who will receive the naam daan and that doesn’t require any kind of advertisement.

        And after all, a visit to the RSSB dera beas is infact a very personal and spiritual experience (for those who really want to progress on the inner conscience) … when you yourself noticed that they do not allow any kind of electronic items inside, you really think it would be good that you’ve posted this blog post ? If they are really publicity hungry won’t they allow the Media Channels and reporters with cameras to cover them up ? … Any Camera, any reporters are strictly prohibited to go inside the RSSB premises. Yet, anyone who is himself wishing to know more about the Soul and the Supreme Being and curious to know more about Santmat, is more than welcome to apply for naam daan, and if he’s selected by Babaji, then Babaji will give him naam daan and won’t charge anythig. So really there is no money making practice involved.
        After the naam daan, the receiver is expected to follow some principles in life to walk on the path of Santmat:

        (sapient, no their isn’t any motivation for the disciples to spare 10% or any money in these principles)
        they are:

        -> Always consume vegetarian food
        -> Stay away from alcohols etc.
        -> Earn money in pure way
        -> Hold a good character throughout the life.
        -> Daily 2.5 hours of meditation practice (as taught by the Master)

        hi sapient,

        I found your thoughts are totally baseless and irrational, they are far from the fact.
        You seems to be coming from most of the false discourses happening all over Inida via fake Masters)
        If you really open up your eyes and visit the Dera again and observe everything from an open mind rather, you will notice how different it is. You need not to call yourself a brain washed kid.
        If you do not agree with concepts of Santmat, it’s your wish… but if you want to analyze something, do it by being really open to everything.
        e.g. the boxes you said are there installed to collect money from the disciples.

        let me tell you the details which you had not noticed:

        -> Just try to look at the humble sevadars who are there around the boxes, they don’t even see in your eyes to say you to put the money. And no one is asked to put a rupee in it, it’s one’s wish to do or not. Were you ever asked or have been treated in a manner that they are trying to ask you for money ? I am sure not.

        -> There is never any record keeping of what amount of money has been given by which disciple. i.e. everyone whether the one has donated anything or not, is treated in exactly same manner of love. No names are written anywhere of any disciple that something’s being done by someone’s funds.

        -> Whatsoever funds collected by the donation of the disciples is used to run free of cost services like free langar (free food for those who can’t affod) free hospitals etc. Just try visiting once the Baba Sawan Sign Hospital near the Dera Beas to get any treatment… you will know yourself what I mean here.

        You can only evaluate a path by walking on to it, you have no facts on based of which you can say the people brainwashed.
        there are so many people who have travelled so much of inner journey and they themselves have been merged internally with the Master.

        You can only evaluate this path by sitting on meditation and realize the inner realms of reality.

        It needs eyes opened and heart widened… I wish you good luck in exploring your ways to the truth.

      2. Sushil Khubnani

        If u hv blind faith on satguru.. Dil me rkho.. 4 logo ko btaenge.. Woh nahi samjhenge coz sab moh maya me fase hue h bt hume pta h hum kitna pyaar krte h apne maalik se .. Rqst you to pls del dis post.. Radhasoamiji…

    2. Anonymous

      1).RSSB is not a RELIGIOUS organisation, It is a SPIRITUAL CENTRE that only teaches,all, the spiritual journey of the human soul.

      2) They have put only 2-3 seva/donation boxes, & that does not mean you are forced to put any money in them, its all an individual’s wish if they want to donate or not. This new story of putting “minimum 10% of your earnings is totally false.
      3) They dont Brainwash anyone about anything,Get your facts right & then write, please do not criticise something you dont know about.

  2. abegg

    It can be a nice valuable little bit of details. I’m just thankful that you simply discussed this useful details along with us. Please stop us up-to-date such as this. Appreciate sharing.

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  4. Amy

    I totally agree with you Shivangi. Nice work with the description. I have been there uncountable times. The experience is amazing if you want to spend some time in self realization without your daily routine stuff.
    Also, you always learn something new in there. It helps to regulate your life.

  5. Shalini Tiwari

    Radha Soami Satsang Beas
    Ref no.PA/WC/OSC/15/13

    To: chairpersons/representatives/national coordinators/contact persons overseas satsang centers

    Subject :cancellation of all satsangs programmes by baba ji both of India an aboard untill 12 February 2014
    To all announced at satsang and displayed on center bulletin boards

    Dear brothers/sisters due to recent health conditions of baba ji and the need for medical treatment and the rest as advised by his doctors all of his scheduled satsang programs at dera,beas,as well scheduled satsang programs at the major satsang centers in India and abroad, are cancelled froM this date forward until the 12th of February 2014.

    Specifically, the cancelled satsang programs includes those scheduled for Lucknow and rudrapur,the Delhi satsan program at the end of November/beginning of December;the December hosTel 6 guest house sessions; the designated satsangs and initiations at dera,Beas for December ;as well as the satsang programs in janpur/February 2014 scheduled for Jaipur,Ahmedabad,Mumbai,raipur,and Hyderabad.

    The hostel 6 guest house session for February,2014 and the designated satsangprogram in d,Beas starting on February 16,2014 are still scheduled to be help as planned..

    The master deeply regretsany inconvenience this may cause the sangat and request their understanding. He wishes to convey that he is not in any danger and there is no cause for worry or speculation in this regard. He requests the sangat to avoid instead on their Bhajan and Simran. The doctors expect a full recovery after the treatments and a much-needed rest, and that he will regain his strength and good health and will be able to again take up his normal sewa duties.

    With Radha Soami greeting.
    Your affectionately,
    Wanye caravella
    Department of overseas satsang centers, dera,Beas

    Radha soami ji

  6. Rajneesh

    Guyz request to delete this information from the blog. We always try to convience our logics & hence bypass the wishes directed by our master.
    Special request to Ms Shalini & Ms Shivangi.

  7. Akhil Puri


    As a humble disciple of RSSB, I would request the owner of this blog post to please remove this as it goes against the very nature of this santmat. We are not like others and this is what differentiates us from others.

    Just think, if RSSB needs publicity, is it not possible via a fancy public website, Facebok or twitter. The main and the most important concept of Santmat is to gather your thoughts from outside and take it inside. Thats why they dont go gaga over the air to publicize the same.

    Its a humble request to think over this and if not convinced, please check with Dera guidelines or publications department if they encourage these things or not.

    Best Regards,

    1. Shivangi Post author

      This is not written in sense of promoting RSSB to people to start following it. This is my experience and what I have seen. This is to help those who are not sure what would they do when they there. how to go there? from where to go there? what to expect? There is not much information present on internet for those who are seriously interested to visit that place. Not even a single authorized source. People dont even know where to stay, how to stay. What is the issue if I can help people who ask me something via this blog. And what you were trying to search on internet that you came here on my blog and started reading it. Of course people like you want things on internet and they search it. You were searching for this on internet and you got it. if you need any help let me know. we are there for you.

      1. Akhil Puri


        Dont try to be defensive. I started with a request and not a complaint.

        The first thing which is incorrect on this blog is the image caption “Sachkhand”. If you are not fully aware of what that place is called, better dont give it a caption. That place is named as “Satsang Ghar” and should not be called Sachkhand. You can verify this officially from Dera. Sachkhand means a place which one is supposed to see inside and not outside.

        Second, if you are trying to help people, I dont even see a legitimate phone number of Dera enquiry where people can be guided about the reservations, facilities etc. All you have mentioned is your email id.

        Also, I dont want you to correct anything in this blog if you are not convinced.


        1. Shivangi Post author

          There is no phone number listed officially FYI. My email ID is enough for interested people. I don’t want people to browse 1000 sites for just searching accommodation. I have experience and I an happy to share that. I know thousands of people still have no idea about guest houses and they just wander here and there to search for options.

      2. Arun P

        Everyone has their views. I think it is best to stop responding to critics of RSSB since it does not lead anywhere except uncalled for controversies. Better still stop the blog on RSSB. Faith is a personal matter and so is each individuals relationship with his/her master.

          1. Arun P

            Wow what a true follower indeed. Contradict your Master’s request, disregard Dera’s instructions. Brilliant, Your happiness above the Master’s wishes…….

  8. Onkar nath bhamra

    Farh nukta chhorh hisaban nu, kar dur kufar diyan baban nu .Lah dozkh gaur azaban nu.kar saaf dilan dian khababan nu.gal esay ghar vich dhukdi a, ik nukte vich gal mukdi a. Radhasoami ji

  9. Aayushi

    Radha Soami Ji
    Hi Shivangi,
    Hope you are doing well.
    Could you please help me with how to get an accomodation at Beas.? As i am planning to visit beas in next month.
    Thanks in Advance.

  10. Shalini Tiwari

    I am with you shivangi.. What you are doing it is good.. i have read all the comments there are some positive and negative comments about your post.. But don’ t worry you are doing well.. babaji says that in this world there are few people who take things in positive manner.. and through comments on your post it is proved..

    But good thing is that, at least we are getting babaji in our mind through positive or negative comments.. Radha Soami ji

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